I welcome any comments or feedback on my work and site here.

Looks great

Love the website, Chris. It all works smoothly and quickly and compliments your work. You must feel very proud.

It's nice to see some of your older work and find out what makes you 'tick'. I especially like the illustrations and mosaics. I don't know how you have the patience.

Very good luck for the recognition you deserve!

Mira Bogicevic


Its about time!
A talented artist. I am lucky enough to own one of Chris's braclets, great website and good luck for the future, although i doubt she willl need it.

Dan Hardcastle-keillar

Bowled Over!

Dear Chris,
What a stunning display of your work and creativity. It has completely bowled me over. I had no idea you were producing work like this, and how typical of you to have kept it a secret from me for so long! I shouldn't be surprised by this superb display of your work because you always had a fantastic talent for all things creative, especially drawing. I remember some brilliant lifelike sketches you did of the backs of people's heads on a bus journery we took when we were at school together and knowing then, that you would go on to produce beautiful work. You have proved me right. I can't wait to see some real life examples and to become and owner of one of your pieces. You have inspired me to get back to doing something creative again after many years in the wilderness.
Congratulations on the website which is also superb.
Best wishes and hope to see you soon.


Hi Chris,
sorry couldnt see how to leave a message in the guest book, my failing, rather than yours. I really like the site, it looks very stylish and professional. I was particularly keen on the jewellery, I really hope it goes well . Love Iain x x

cats, dogs and cameleons...

hi Chris,
wow, your website looks great - I didn't realise you had such a wonderful collection of cats and dogs. You've really captured the personality of each one... they're so lifelike! Especially love the colours and textures of your pastel drawings.

As for that chameleon, he belongs somewhere hot and exotic - like Spain or Mexico - he'll transform an English fireplace!

Best of luck and happy online selling!

Great site!

Hi Chris.
What a great site!

I really like the design, it's uncomplicated but visually strong, and makes the site very easy to use. It really complements the richness of the art, the dark background makes the work sing out. The ratio of words to art is just right, just enough background information.

Finding things is easy, especially the important work, like the jewellery and pet portraits. The sign of a good site is that you don't think about what you're doing when you use it.. your's is like that.

There's so much art here that I haven't seen before! An archive of brilliant work! I especially like the jewellery - the delicacy, the light and colour - wonderful!
A big well done.


I'm very happy that you have taken the plunge and let your website go live! Congratulations. Not only do you have a tremendous skill set, but your work is beautiful and intuitive. I found your life pastels particularly captivating and think you should do commissions for that! ( I was especially taken with the study of light and the pastel of the man dancing). Your Jewellery is attractive and delicate, yet possesses such a potent charm.

I do hope you get yourself a new kiln as it deserves you!

Best wishes,
Izzy xx
Izzy Isgate


Hi Chris,
Just a quicky to say what an impressive website you have created.
Clear menus and a dark background allow the photographs of your pieces to look their best.
Loved the mosaics in particular, especially the chameleon.

Hope the site brings in the interest you deserve.
Robert Griggs


Hi Chris,
Congratulations on getting the site up and running. What a portfolio!... I never knew you'd worked with so many different media.
Good luck!
Paul Brocklehurst