I am a multidisciplinary artist, with extensive experience in both three-dimensional craft and illustration.

A passion for drawing permeates all of my work, from linear designs on ceramics, pen & ink book illustrations and pet portraits; to illustrated leaded-glass designs and decorated skulls.

Whilst I began my artistic career teaching ceramics in community centers and adult education, I have also worked independently as a pet portraitist, an illustrator, and ran my own jewellery business 'PinkAmber' designing and making silver and beadwoven jewellery. Some of my jewellery is available to buy online via this site using PayPal, please see the 'Jewellery' section

I'm always on the search for new avenues of expression, and recently I've been working on the production of painted and leaded glass panels and roundels, using traditional methods, to create illustrative and visually engaging, decorative pieces.
I've also been exploring the world of animal skull art; using skulls as a base for intricate line decoration and 'Zentangle' style patterns.

Feedback about my work or website is very welcome, please leave your comments in my guestbook or through the contact section.

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